DAY 11: Thursday, May 23 Solutions, Whole Child Therapies, and Possibilities Part 2

  • Kirstie Gran

    Kirstie Gran

    Kirstie Gran Interviews Carla Atherton on Vitamin N, Creativity, Meditation, and Play

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  • Dr. Monica Scales

    Dr. Monica Scales

    Revolutionary Therapies

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  • Heather Korbmacher-3

    Heather Korbmacher-3

    Heather Korbmacher: The Therapeutic Effects of Essential Oils

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  • Dr. Kurt Woeller

    Dr. Kurt Woeller

    Biomedical Treatments for Childhood Chronic Illness

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  • Dr. Stuart Nunnally and Dr. Candice Owens

    Dr. Stuart Nunnally and Dr. Candice Owens

    Holistic Dentistry: True Root Cause Resolution

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  • Dr. Zach Bush

    Dr. Zach Bush

    Restoring the Health of Our Children, Our Children’s Children, and Our Planet

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