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Children’s Health Summit 4 $67.00-$197.00 50% Commission


The rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmunity are on the rapid rise in the general population, not to mention the scores of children who are being diagnosed with autism, asthma, ADHD, and depression.

The status of our health is declining at a rate that is suggesting pandemic, and people are scared, confused, and sick, and so are their children. People are asking for support, education, and guidance.

The Healthy Family Formula’s mission is to give people what they are seeking: professional, synthesized information; support; and empowerment.

Therefore, needless to say, we are most excited to have you join the health (r)evolution!


Children’s Health Summit 4

Event Dates: May 13th-23rd, 2019

Promotion begins April 28th, 2019!

Healthy Family Formula Practitioner Training Program Launch

Promotional Mailings: directly after CHS 4 event


Carla Atherton, founder and director of the Healthy Family Formula, is a highly innovative, creative, educated, skilled, and passionate mother, business owner, and healthcare practitioner. Her mission is to become increasingly involved in the current (r)evolution in healthcare and to help further this movement with her efforts through the HFF.

Carla has busily been establishing her reputation as an expert in the industry having spoken for dozens of online summits on the topic of parenting children with big health issues, caring for the caregiver, a functional approach to family health, root cause resolution and chronic disease reversal, and patient advocacy. While maintaining a busy family heath coaching practice, she also teaches other people to become professional family health coaches through her HFF Practitioner Training Program. She has hosted and produced 4 Children’s Health Summits to date interviewing over 160 family health experts.

Carla Atherton’s knowledge and expertise have shaped the content and delivery of the programs and services the HFF provides. Her background in leading creativity, writing, and critical thinking courses, background in women’s and gender studies and psychology, work as academic coordinator with Athabasca University developing and maintaining a variation of courses pertaining to women’s psychology, autonomy, and women’s experience in the medical system, passion for various healing arts and modalities, research skills, and desire to find options while being open to possibility give her the unique skillset necessary to have created the HFF: a truly innovative initiative in structure, service, and delivery.

Carla hold an MA in English Literature with a heavy background in Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology, but has since deeply furthered her study in the field of health coaching and functional medicine by becoming a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, a Transformational Nutrition Practitioner, an Epidemic Answers Family Health Coach, a Yoga Instructor (200 hour by Joos Yoga), and has been studying intensely with Functional Medicine University, amongst many other trainings about a wide array of subjects including Functional Neurology, Autoimmunity, Nutrigenomics, Neurodevelopmental Movement, Homeopathy, the list goes on.

Carla is an avid researcher, health advocate, and mother of three teens (who have all had their own experience with a chronic illness) with personal and professional experience in a plethora of health and healthcare system challenges. Carla is an experienced teacher having led workshops and courses over the past 24 years in the university setting both online and in-class, as well as through her own online and in-person workshops. She has developed online educational materials for many organizations, as well, and is an experienced leader and coordinator.

Carla is also a prolific writer and editor having worked on a multitude of her own writing projects including the magazine she founded and edited for 8 years called Cahoots, her most recent book Family Health Revolution, and acting as developmental editor for Heather Korbmacher’s What Happened to My Child?

Carla’s mission to educate and empower people and their families began when she became a mother, but was deepened when her own family’s health was at risk. What person is more motivated and dedicated than a mother on a mission?


The Healthy Family Formula represents opinions and educational content only and is not intended to constitute medical advice. The Healthy Family Formula disclaims any and all liability for any content delivered through the HFF and makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained or referenced therein. All users agree that all access and use of this program is at their own risk.


The health of our children is paramount. This is not only true because we want those precious people to be happy and whole, but because their health profoundly affects the good of our planet, our social communities, and even our future as a species.

Due to our poor diets and lifestyle choices and the conflicting information parents and caregivers are overwhelmed with through media, the internet, and advertisements, it is no wonder that we are now seeing the rates of obesity, diabetes, ADHD, depression, addictions, and a myriad of health problems including, well, just feeling like heck all of the time, swiftly rising in our young population. There is something not right about that! Our kids are becoming ill at an alarming rate, and we can most certainly do something about it.

Whole health involves the essential components of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual, as well as the social and global. We need to nurture and nourish our children in all aspects of health and encourage them to take care of each other and their earth in the same manner.

The Children’s Health Summit for parents, caregivers, and the children and teens they care for, was the first FREE on-line conference of its kind, that addresses a diverse buffet of topics through 10 days of interviews of the leading experts in a myriad of health fields. Attendees also have access to resources, special offers from our speakers and sponsors, and have every opportunity to engage in the discussions, ask questions, and learn an exponential amount of truly exciting information. For future events are also in the works.

For each summit event, we expect a minimum of 50,000 attendees, with more participants every summit as our community grows.

Each day, the interviews of a handful of experts (5, for example) can be viewed online for a 24-hour period, and for 24 hours only. On the next day, a new set of interviews (5 more) become available. With 60 plus interviews over a 10 days, attendees become very likely to purchase the entire series so they can watch it at their own pace.

Even with my insatiable quest for knowledge, I would never be able to learn all I need to learn to make the kind of impact on the health of children and teens that we can make with just one summit. I am beyond excited to be bringing together in one place trail-blazers and cutting-edge experts who are doing such amazing work to get the information to as many people as we can!

We need to do something about the state of our children’s health.

Secondarily, this summit offers Referral Partners a potentially huge revenue-generating opportunity. We have such remarkable partners, who we know have large fan bases, we thought it only fair to offer 50% of all sales generated to you. This means that you will receive 50% of all sales generated from the people you refer to the event.

Just like you, I am not content to sit by and watch the prediction come true that this generation will be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than the generation before. I am not content to sit by while our children succumb to social ills and mental disorders. I am not content to leave a behind legacy of a polluted earth and a population of disconnected people.

Health is not a destination, it is a way of life. Let’s foster a new generation of engaged, whole children who truly understand that concept. Let’s guide them in a way that allows them to shine. Let us conspire to inspire those young people, those precious, shining lights we call our children.


According to our most recent survey, the majority of the folks on our mailing list are residing in the US and Canada with a good number all over the world in Europe, Australia, South America, Asia, and Africa.

3.64% are between the ages of 18-30

32.73% are between the ages of 30-40

38.18% are between the ages of 40-50

25.45% are 50 and older

A whopping 90.91% are female

They are a mixture of parents, grandparents, professionals, activists, stay at home moms, and healthcare professionals, with one identifying as a health geek and another as a superwoman!

Almost all who responded have post-secondary education and 40% have grad school training with another 15% with high school or vocational training.

9% have an annual household income of  less than $30,000 with 36% between 30,000 and 70,000; 18.8% between $70,000 and $100,000 and 36.36% bringing in more than $100,000 annually.

85.45% are married or in a partnership with an average of 2-3 children from babies to adults with families of their own.

The people who use the services of the HFF and CHS are mainly educated mothers between the ages of 30-50 (some are older women with grandchildren) with either a stay-at-home status or are working with a mid-range family income. They are either nearing or are in a state of burn-out, have children who are not well, or are simply looking for a healthier way of life and state of health for their families.

These women are busy yet are internet savvy and are interested in online education, support, events and webinars, community, and coaching

They buy quality items that they feel will bring them the health results they want for themselves and their families.

These women need support, education, and to feel less overwhelmed and more empowered and confident. They are looking for products and supports that will enable them to be more in charge of the health of their families and confident in the decisions they make. They also want to be heard and to feel as if they are part of a community.

When asked what information they wanted us at the HFF to bring to them, they answered: gut health, sleep, acute illness, disease prevention, cancer, nutrition, immune system, mood disorders, parenting, consumerism, alternative therapies, stress relief, home remedies, toxins, vaccines, autoimmunity, teen health…all topics we cover, have covered, or will cover in our CHS events and in the HFF program.


In the healthcare industry, it is imperative that people trust and understand the services we healthcare providers and coaches provide. Referrals to our programs and services are the most effective way to inform people about what we can offer and to collaboratively work as partners with our Referral Partners in our mutual mission of improving the health of our clients.

This collaboration is clearly a win-win-win. The more people that know about what we do, the better, for the sake of your organization, the HFF, and all of the folks out there who need to know about what we have put together for them so that they can improve their health and the health of their families.

We can’t do it alone. In order to empower our clients, we must work together. This is why the HFF is so exciting! Because everything we do is complimentary to the programs and services that exist in the healthcare sector. It is intended not only to educate people with more information, but also to help them sort out all of the information they receive.

Our programs and services also lend ongoing support that can be missing from other programs and services due to time constraints or scope of services offered. In other words, if you find yourself wanting to offer more but are needing to focus on what you are already doing or have a full practice, already, we can help!

As a Referral Partner, you will receive a generous portion of the registration fees of every person who registers through your personal registration link. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to reach as many people with our programs and services that will ultimately empower them to get themselves and their families better.


The HFF is a professional set of programs and services. One of our core values is to provide well-researched, cutting edge materials while greatly respecting our clients and partners. Therefore, it is imperative that all Referral Partners are aware of our guidelines and adhere to them at all times when communicating to their lists on our behalf.

Any Referral Partner who deviates from the following guidelines will be discontinued as a Referral Partner as any deviation can severely damage the reputation of the LHP and hinder our goal to help people and their families.

X No spam marketing

X No marketing to individuals who have not opted-in to your lists; please do not send unsolicited emails

X No marketing to lists you have purchased

X No using the word “scam” in your communications

Please keep your emails to a reasonable number during each launch – you will be guided through each launch, so not to worry!

Please consider using the copy we have provided here as a guide for how to communicate what we have to offer to your community. You are welcome to put the information into your own words, but do have a look at our copy first to orient and guide you.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, then there a few things for you to consider as you get started. You can, of course, simply promote the products and services you think are of value through your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. However, you may also want to consider affiliate marketing as a viable way to generate an income working from anywhere at any time. If this is the route you choose, here are a few tips:

1. Plan and set goals: How much time can you invest? What are your online marketing goals?
2. Choose your niche: Be as specific as possible!
3. Build your content: Quality content builds trust with your audience! Provide high quality content that your audience will want to come back to and sprinkle it with your affiliate promotions, not the other way around.
4. Promote products you endorse – Make full disclosure, thus continuing to build
5. Utilize cross-channeling platforms: Utilize social media, build a website
6. Build your list: Even if your site crashes, you always have your list and can re-build and re-direct.


Where can I get my links?

We have kept it very simple. You can generate your link through the form below.

Do you have sample copy and banners for me to use?

Yes! Find all on this page.

We prefer you add your voice to the copy and social media, but we’ve written some if you don’t have the time or penchant for writing. They can easily be pasted into facebook posts and newsletters.

Can I promote to other potential referral partners?

Yes! Please do! The more, the merrier!

In regards to the CHS, how do you make a commission from a free event?

Those who have registered for the free event will also have the opportunity to purchase downloads of all of the talks (audios, videos, transcripts).

When do sales begin?

We’ll launch the order form prior to the beginning of each launch. We will send you an email to let you know! Until then, the more registrations you generate, the more people will see the opportunity to purchase!

I purchased from my own link, where’s the commission on my account?

If you found the event through another referral partner’s link, the commission will go to that referral partner. If not, then you will see a commission on your account.

We WILL NOT remove commissions from one account and credit it to your account if your account already has a parent referral partner.

How do I check my stats and commissions?

Everything can be accessed from the Referral partner Centre. Once there, click “Check Stats and Commissions” to visit the InfusionSoft login page. Once logged in, the “Link Generator” will show your links, “Link Tracking Stats” and “Commissions Generated” will provide the other metrics you seek.

When will referral partner commission payments be made?

For the CHS, commissions will be paid no sooner than 30 days after the summit ends. For the rest of our products, commissions will be calculated and paid out monthly. This allows the 30-day money back guarantee to expire. Commissions are typically paid 6-8 weeks after an event ends.

Can I still promote the CHS summit once it ends?

Yes, of course! Go for it! The CHS is an evergreened products, meaning it can be promoted to generate more sales at certain times of the year but can be purchased at any time. We will communicate with you when and if we re-launch after the initial event.


Please contact Carla Atherton if you have questions.

2.Sample Copy


New sample copy updated on a regular basis. Use this copy for any of your emails or social media platforms. First, click the item that you want to view below, then simply copy and paste the content into your own email, replacing anything between the brackets with your own unique values.

+Click here for sample CHS 4 Facebook copy

The declining status of children’s health is a growing concern. In response to the rapid rise in conditions such as autism, cancer, ADHD, GI distress, anxiety, depression, asthma, skin conditions, learning disabilities, and autoimmunity, Carla Atherton, Director of the Healthy Family Formula, has put together the 4th ONLINE Children’s Health Summit. Yes, listen from the comfort of your own home! The topic of this year’s summit? “Preventing and Reversing Childhood Chronic Illness,” and I will be speaking!

Learn more at The Children’s Health Summit 4, over 60 NEW interviews online and FREE from May 13-23, 2019! [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

Empower yourself and your children to reverse chronic illness and live a vital, balanced, healthy life at the 4th Children’s Health Summit, free and online from May 13-23, 2019. Join us for over 60 NEW interviews, giveaways, and more! [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

+Click here for sample CHS Twitter copy

Poor diets & fast lives? Our kids need better! Join me at the #ChildrensHealth Summit! [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

Register today for the 4th #ChildrensHealth Summit [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

Do you want vitality, happiness and whole health for your children? Learn more at the #ChildrensHealth Summit! [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

Prevent and reverse childhood chronic illness! Learn more at the Children’s Health Summit 4! #ChildrensHealth Summit [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

60 Interviews, 10 days, preventing and reversing chronic illness in our children. Attend the online Children’s Health Summit 4! #ChildrensHealth Summit [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

+Click here for sample CHS Email copy

SUBJECT: Prevent and Reverse Childhood Chronic Conditions Over 60 NEW interviews!

ADHD, Autism, mood disorders, autoimmunity are on the rapid rise in our young population. Our children are now affected by obesity, diabetes, depression, addictions to sugar, media, and technology, the list goes on.

What is happening to our kids? And what can we do about it?

We need a children’s health revolution, and Carla Atherton and her army of family health experts (including me) intend to create one!

The answer is not more meds or quick fixes; it is about building health from the roots, nurturing and caring for our children (mind, body, and spirit), and giving them the tools they need to care for themselves and each other.

Join us for the biggest family health event of the year, the Children’s Health Summit 4, online and FREE from May 13th-23rd, 2019!

Register for free now:[INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE or]

Don’t miss it! Carla Atherton addresses a diverse buffet of topics during 10 days of interviews with leading experts in many health fields addressing all of the chronic conditions plaguing our children today. What is happening, and what can we do about it? Find out!

Join us for the Children’s Health Summit for FREE from May 13-23, 2019, and be inspired and empowered!

Register for FREE at the following link:

Prevent illness, reverse chronic conditions, revolutionize the health of your family!

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