With 25 experts sharing information about fostering, enhancing and understanding our kids, you can do something to improve the health, well being and lives of your children.

Learn how best to foster what comes naturally to our children: vitality, happiness and whole health. And, be the best parent or caregiver you can be!


  • Understand elimination diets and how to do them with your families
  • Discover how brain development impacts issues like time management and sensory disorders
  • Get to the root of what is making your kids sick
  • Learn how to remedy common childhood illness at home, naturally
  • Be healthy: mental health, emotional health, addictions, diet, epigenetics, the list goes on…
  • Find out what you can do to help your girls express themselves
  • And so much more!

With 25 expert presentations, the Children’s & Teen Health Summit is a wealth of knowledge you do not want to miss! This invaluable resource is intended for parents, children and teens everywhere!

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Our Amazing Presenters:
  • Alison Smith, BA Psych, BEd, Life Coach, Gentle Parenting Specialist. Allison Smith takes us through the concepts of gentle parenting and how employing these concepts and practices can and does encourage more harmony, cooperation, and understanding in the home.

    Cooperative Kids, Happy Parents: The Gentle Parenting Secret

    • Handling meltdowns and tantrums
    • Setting limits and empathy
    • When gentle parenting is hard
    • Being gentle on yourself
  • Amber Brooks, DC, CACCP, RN, BSN. Amber Brooks describes for us an integrative approach she uses with sensitive children including craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, and nutrition.

    Testing and Healing the Sensitive Child

    • What is craniosacral therapy and how it can help your child heal
    • Why chiropractic care is an essential part of self-care
    • What tests to do when you need to find the root of your child’s illness
    • ADD, Autism, allergies, genetics...
  • Anne-Sophie Dumetz, Game-changing Mama. Anne-Sophie Dumetz challenges parents to be the best they can be, to make change, inspire, and be inspired so their children can do the same in their own way and in their own lives.

    Being a Game-Changing Parent

    • Top gems learned from the most inspiring game-changing parents
    • How being a game-changing parent improves the health of our children
    • Parenting as a verb
  • Brenda Wollenberg, Nutritionist, Specialist in Natural Wellness for Children. Brenda Wollenberg gives us the skinny on childhood obesity: its causes and roots, effects on our children (mind and body), and the solutions.

    Childhood Obesity

    • The top things that are making our children have such challenges with their weight
    • What effects can weight issues have on our children
    • Three ways for us parents to take action
    • The one thing we can take out of our children’s environment that can help them to maintain a healthy weight (and it isn’t junk food)
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD. Bruce Lipton introduces us to the revolutionary science of epigenetics, the fact that it is not their genes that determine how healthy our children are, but the choices we help them to make regarding lifestyle and belief.

    Epigenetics – Empower Your Kids

    • Do our genes determine our health? How our genes are turned on and off
    • How belief plays a major role in the status of our health
    • The major causes of ill health
    • The future of our health and epigenetics
  • Carla Atherton, MA, FDN. Certified Yoga Instructor. As a mother of a daughter with some big health challenges, Carla Atherton frankly and honestly shares her insight about how to handle these challenges, become a health advocate for her children, and stay sane and healthy, yourself, in the process.

    Parenting Children With Big Health Challenges

    • Discussion about the challenges parents of health challenged children face
    • Where to find support
    • Why support is vitally important
    • Tips on how to take care of the caregiver (you!)
  • Daniel Kalish, DC. Dan Kalish explains how toxins in our environment and food supply affect the brains and bodies of our children.

    Childhood Illness and Our Toxic Burden

    • How toxins cause hormonal disruption and affect the brain
    • What are the sources of these toxins
    • How we can protect our children
    • How we repair the toxic brain
  • Donna Jackson Nakazawa, WRITER and LECTURER. Donna Jackson Nakazawa explores how adverse experiences we encounter in childhood directly and profoundly affects our health when we become adults.

    Childhood Disrupted: How the trauma we experience as children affects our physical and emotional health as adults.

    • What are ACEs
    • How do ACEs affect our health as adults
    • What can we do to heal
    • How can we parents prevent and/or heal ACEs in our children
  • Emily Roberts, MA, LCP. Emily Roberts gives some guidance on how to encourage and inspire our girls to assertively express themselves, handle the pressures of social media and peers, and improve low self esteem.

    Helping our Girls Express Themselves

    • Friends and frenemies
    • Communicating with confidence
    • Becoming the director of your own life, who am I?
    • Building family bonds
  • Jacqui Fleury, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) Jacqui Fleury, ND, gives us the lowdown on how important it is to fully educate ourselves and our girls about the usage of the pill and explains the pros and cons.

    Girls, Hormones, and the Pill

    • Why girls are put on the pill
    • Reasons why our children have abnormal issues with sexual development such as early menses and puberty
    • What we should know about the pill (side effects, changes to physiology, long-term effects)
    • What we can do when the pill is not the best choice
  • James Maskell, Healthcare (R)evolutionary, one of the founders of the Functional Forum, and CEO of the Evolution of Medicine. James Maskell stops by, again, to discuss why our healthcare system is failing us and what we need to do to build a new model of care for our families.

    Let’s Fix Our Healthcare System (not just a problem in the USA).

    • Update on our current evolution of family care
    • Why our system needs to be rebuilt rather than re-formed
    • The power of community and peer support
    • Navigating the current system
  • Jennifer Wiessner, LCSW, AASECT, Sex Therapist. A frank and open discussion with Jennifer Wiessner about how we can shatter myths and taboos around talking about sex and sexuality with our children in order to enable them to be sexually healthy.

    Raising Sexually Healthy Children

    • Why being sexually healthy is an integral part of our overall health
    • What ages should you talk sex with your kids and what do you tell them
    • What do you say? Having age-appropriate conversations
    • How examining our own sexual health is essential to teaching healthy sexuality to our children
  • Kaayla Daniel, PhD, CCN. Kaayla Daniel tells us why soy may not be the beneficial food so many believe it to be and why a traditional diet may be the most healthful way to feed our families.

    The Whole Soy Story

    • What is wrong with soy
    • Where soy is hidden in our diets
    • Traditional diets and their health benefits
    • Is the cod liver oil you are taking helping or harming you?
  • Kelly Brogan, PhD. Kelly Brogan draws from her extensive knowledge about psychiatry and human health to tell us how we can deal with, treat, and overcome mood and mental health issues like depression using a functional approach to the body and without drugs.

    The Functional Model and Mental Health

    • What causes postpartum depression and what to do about it
    • The real root causes of mental and mood disorders
    • What is wrong with the current treatment of depression
    • How to heal naturally from mental and mood disorders without drugs
  • Marc David, MA, Founder of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Marc David shares his own childhood story of ill health, how he regained it through nutrition, He explores the many ways we can view eating and how we can enlighten both ourselves and our children about why we eat and how we can view eating to encourage a healthy relationship to food and our bodies.

    Promoting a Healthy Psychology Around Eating In Our Children

    • The main food issues that can impact our children, in particular
    • Health issues that can crop up when children have an unhealthy relationship with food
    • How our children can have a healthy relationship with what they put into their bodies
  • Marydee Sklar, Time Management Expert, Executive Functioning Success. Marydee Sklar helps us to become the master of our own time through giving life-changing tips and insight about time management and how understanding our brains is key.

    Stretching Time

    • The chaos and disharmony that can occur when we cannot manage or time
    • How understanding our brains can make or break the functionality of a family, performance in school and work, and overall happiness
    • Actionable steps to take to make life easier, fuller, and with time to do everything we need and desire
  • Maureen Towns, RN, BScN, MA. Maureen Towns frankly shares her experiences and insights as a mother of four, two of whom battled with addictions in their adolescence.

    Getting Your Child Through Addictions

    • Why children and teens use drugs and alcohol
    • Detecting the warning signs that something is wrong
    • What to do if your child has an addiction
    • How parents can stay sane and centred
  • Pam Killeen, Writer, Independent Researcher, Health and Wellness Coach. Pam Killeen frankly discusses the epidemic of addictions and fertility problems rampant in our youth and gives us the reasons for what is happening, what might happen if we don’t change our practices, and how we can secure the future of our species.

    Youth, Addictions, and the The Demise of Our Fertility

    • What causes addictions and what can we do nutritionally to overcome addiction
    • How to prevent future addicts
    • The top reasons why our fertility is on the decline
    • What we can do to stop this decline
  • Roger L Price, Respiratory Physiologist and Integrative Health Educator. Roger L. Price explains how, without proper breathing, nothing else works properly for our children including cognition, physiological processes, even emotional stability and gives us tips on how we can help our children to “just breathe.”

    The Impact of Our Breath and Breathing

    • How issues like posture, mouth breathing, and stress affect our children’s health -what is proper breathing
    • Why we don’t already know how to breathe properly
    • What we can do to asses and fix issues caused by improper breathing such as asthma, digestive disorders, bedwetting, etc
  • Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. Sarah Ballantyne explains autoimmunity, its prevalence in our young population, and how we can potentially halt the autoimmune process.

    Autoimmunity and the AIP Diet

    • An in-depth explanation of the immune system and the onset of autoimmunity - when our bodies start to attack themselves
    • What causes autoimmunity
    • What we can do to halt the autoimmune response
    • How to be a mom while battling our own health issues
  • Sayer Ji, Author, Researcher, Activist, and Thought-leader. Sayer Ji outlines the debate over vaccines including the dangers of the current schedule of immunizations, the current threat to our rights as parents to be informed and to make choices, and what we need to know to make the best choices for our families.

    Our Right to Know, Our Right to Choose: A Frank Look at Vaccines

    • What is pro-vaccine vs. pro-choice
    • What is it about the current schedule of vaccines that is endangering our children
    • What is a vaccine injury
    • Alternatives to vaccination
    • What parents need to know to protect their children
  • Sonia Story, Rhythm Movement Training Specialist. Sonia Story introduces us to the concepts around neurodevelopmental movement therapy and how it works on the brain’s development to rectify a myriad of health and developmental problems in children using simple but targeted movements.

    Optimal Brain and Sensory Processing with Neurodevelopmental Movement

    • How early movement and reflexes affect health in childhood and beyond
    • Simple techniques to integrate reflexes
    • Benefits of NM
    • How to use NM for big developmental and sensory issues
  • Tom Malterre, Tom Malterre feeds us some powerful information about nutrition and using the elimination diet to further improve the health of our children.

    Nutrition and Elimination Diets

    • Why healthy foods can sometimes be harmful
    • What is the elimination diet?
    • What issues can arise if you eat foods to which you are sensitive
    • Autism, lethargy, fatigue, mood issues, you name it...all because of that gluten?
  • Wendi Combes, RN. Wendi Combes walks us through a variety of safe, effective home remedies that should be in every home “medicine” cabinet.

    Home Remedies for Everyday Illness

    • Homeopathy and tissue salts
    • Why we shouldn’t fight a fever with Tylenol
    • What to do before we rush off to the pharmacy
    • The five pillars of natural remedies
  • Will Revak, Creator of the Orawellness Healthy Mouth System. Will Revak of Orawellness runs us through what makes for bad oral health, what makes for good oral health, and ways to regain and maintain the health of our children’s teeth

    Raising Cavity-Free Kids

    • What mineral is essential for healthy teeth
    • What do we use if not toothpaste?!
    • How nutrition affects oral health and how oral health affects our overall health
    • Yes, there is a correct way to brush!
Meet Your Host

Meet Your Host

Carla Atherton is the Director of Lotus Health, a writer and editor, workshop instructor, nutrition and health educator, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, yoga teacher (200 hour), Children’s Health Advocate and mom of three. She is p assionate about health and wellness, which, to her, involve all aspects of health including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Carla encourages creativity, self-empowerment and love when working with children, youth and adults so they can find their own power to make their lives full of inspiration, happiness and meaning.

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