Monday, May 2

  • Carla Atherton

    Carla Atherton

    How Our Fast Pace Is Making Us Sick, Nuts, and Jeopardizing Our Future Generations

  • Beth Lambert

    Beth Lambert

    The “Perfect Storm” That is Creating Childhood Chronic Illness and How We Are Documenting Hope

  • Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

    Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

    Bucking Our New Normal of Children’s Health and How to Cure Your Child With Dirt

  • Dr. Larry Palevsky

    Dr. Larry Palevsky

    Getting to the Root: Holistic Care for Families

Tuesday, May 3

  • Carmen Johnson

    Carmen Johnson

    How to Teach Nutrition to Children and Make it Stick!

  • Judy Converse

    Judy Converse

    Nourishing Children with Special Needs

  • Brenda Wollenberg

    Brenda Wollenberg

    It’s More than What Your Child is Eating: Practical Tips for Successful Weight Management

  • Dr. Jill Carnahan

    Dr. Jill Carnahan

    Autoimmunity, Infection, Dysbiosis, Oh My! How the Bacteria in Your Child’s Gut Affects Their Health

Wednesday, May 4

  • Dr. Jennifer Harstein

    Dr. Jennifer Harstein

    Depression, Addictions, Violence, and Sleep Problems: What is Happening to Our Youth? And What to Do?

  • Dr. Lynn Johnson

    Dr. Lynn Johnson

    How Positive Psychology Will Change Your Child’s Life

  • Niki Gratrix

    Niki Gratrix

    How Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Negative Energy Can Affect Your Child’s Future Health

  • Emily Roberts

    Emily Roberts

    The Virtual World They Live in: Practical Strategies for Parents and Teens

Thursday, May 5

  • Naomi Aldort

    Naomi Aldort

    Being a Parent of Adult Children: Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves Part 2

  • Joel Salatin

    Joel Salatin

    Bringing On the Future! Young Entrepreneurs

  • Dr. Toni Bark

    Dr. Toni Bark

    How Fearless Parents Can Stand Up to Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Farming

  • Jeanette Franson

    Jeanette Franson

    One Mama’s Phenomenal Journey Back from the Brink of Death and How She Saved Her Children at the Same Time

  • Dr. Rudy Mueller

    Dr. Rudy Mueller

    Human Potential Medicine: How to Optimize Your Environment to Achieve Superhero Parent Status

Friday, May 6

  • Dr. Victoria Dunckley

    Dr. Victoria Dunckley

    Master the Tool: Reset Your Child’s Brain and Release the Hold Electronics Have on Your Children

  • Jim Kwik

    Jim Kwik

    Yes, Teaching Your Children Speed Reading, Memorization, and How to Learn will Change the World: How to Help the Struggling Child and Boost the Rest

  • Sayer Ji

    Sayer Ji

    Playing with Fire: The Devastating Facts About GMOs and Their Effects on Our Future Generations

  • Ann Louise Gittleman

    Ann Louise Gittleman

    Wi-Fried, Sick, and Overstimulated: The Dangers of Our Electrified World and What Steps to Take to Protect Your Children

  • Edward Fila

    Edward Fila

    Toxicity, Cancer, and Our Kids

Saturday, May 7

  • Pam Killeen

    Pam Killeen

    Healing Asthma with Buteyko Breathing

  • Roger Price

    Roger Price

    Why Is My Child Suffering with Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, and Exhaustion?: The Natural Remedy Formula for Sleep and Sleep Disorders

  • Dr. Martha Herbert

    Dr. Martha Herbert

    Whole Body-Brain Health, Hope, and Why We Need to Document Improvement and Recovery

  • Reed Davis

    Reed Davis

    Balancing Teen Hormones

  • Dr. Noah DeKoyer

    Dr. Noah DeKoyer

    Chiropractic Care Is Essential for Healing, Prevention, and Wellbeing

Sunday, May 8 Encore Day