This Summit’s Topic: Preventing and Reversing Childhood Chronic Illness.

The Children’s Health Summit is for parents, caregivers and the children and teens they care for. This online conference addresses a diverse buffet of topics during 11 days of interviews with leading experts in many health fields. The interviews are free for a limited time, but there is always the opportunity to own all of the talks at any time.

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Registrants for the Children’s Health Summit will enjoy:

  • Interviews with leading experts
  • Parenting resources
  • The opportunity to join the Children’s Health (R)evolution by joining our facebook group (Children's and Teen Health Community) and liking our page (The Healthy Family Formula) and also receiving our newsletters, listening to our podcasts, and attending our virtual events!
  • And, much more!

Our Amazing Presenters

  • Anat Baniel
    Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®

    The Power of Brain Change to Heal and Transform the Life of the Child with Special Needs

    What You Will Learn +
    • what it means to “move into life”
    • Anat’s unique take on relationship between movement, the brain, and the body
    • how the Anat Baniel Method helps children with special needs and health challenges
    • the nine essentials explained
  • Beth Lambert
    Epidemic Answers, author of A Compromised Generation

    Documenting Hope, The CHIRP Study, and the Role of Research in Root Cause Resolution

    What You Will Learn +
    • the significance of bioindividuality in the onset of chronic conditions, proper therapies, as well as overall children’s health
    • what is the total load theory?
    • figuring out your own child: challenges and solutions
    • where to start the process of root cause resolution
    • the importance of research and the CHIRP study
  • Cilla Whatcott
    Real Immunity

    Exercising the Immune System to Create Real Immunity

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is homeoprophylaxis, who can use it?
    • how effective and safe is it?
    • the role of the immune system in chronic illness
    • the applications of homeoprophylaxis as a re-education of the immune system
    • natural, real immunity and how this differs from injected vaccination
  • Courtney Homer
    HFF Trainee

    Courtney Homer Interviews Carla Atherton on Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Health For Mom and Baby

    What You Will Learn +
    • key health and lifestyle considerations for both men and women BEFORE getting pregnant
    • creating a birthing plan
    • breast feeding, first foods
    • creating safe environments
    • mama care after birth
  • Detria Branch
    Awesome Olive Holistic Nutrition

    Detria Branch Interviews Carla Atherton on Healing Our Epidemic of Depression and Anxiety

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is depression? What is anxiety?
    • what is actually going on in the brain and body with mental health issues
    • why we can’t separate biochemistry, nutrition, and lifestyle when addressing mental and mood disorders
    • why talk therapy and medications are not the answer: what to address when re-balancing mental and emotional health
    • how addressing the multi-factorial causes will free a depressed or anxious child from a lifetime of struggle
  • Dori Abbott
    CoR Wellness

    Dori Abbott Interviews Carla Atherton on A New Generation of Addiction

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is happening in the current climate of addiction that is particularly disturbing for our youth
    • how technology is creating a generation of addicts
    • how we are creating a culture of addiction with our medical model of health
    • what we are turning a blind eye to with regards to children’s and teen’s addictive behavior
    • signs of addiction and how to address them
    • the most overlooked preventative and curative measures for addiction
  • Dr. Angela Knapp
    Naturopathic Doctor

    Naturopathy, Neuro-sensory Challenges, and Down Syndrome

    What You Will Learn +
    • naturopathy and how it differs from allopathic medicine explained
    • how to treat autism, ADHD, a wide range of developmental delays, and sensory issues from the naturopathic discipline
    • are some conditions such as Down Syndrome hardwired?
    • how Dr. Knapp’s approach differs from a medical approach to downs syndrome
    • supporting families undergoing In-Utero and In-Vitro fertilization
  • Dr. Andrea Libutti
    Andrea Libutti, MD

    How Mindfulness in Autism Is the Key to Healing

    What You Will Learn +
    • why autism is so prevalent
    • what is going on from a mind, body, spirit perspective in autism?
    • things that parents can do to help their children in mind, body, and spirit
    • the most helpful things Andrea did to help her son
    • what it takes to achieve future independence in autism
  • Dr. Ayla Wilson
    High Five Family Health

    Identification and Treatment of PANDAS/PANS

    What You Will Learn +
    • PANDAS, PANS, ANDAS, AE explained: their commonalities and differences
    • can these conditions become chronic, and are there downstream complications and/or comorbidities?
    • therapies to treat autoimmunity to the brain caused by infection
    • where can parents can find help
    • how to prevent the onset of PANDAS and/or prevent future flare-ups
  • Dr. Brandon Brock
    Foundations Physicians Group

    The Role of Functional Neurology and Chiropractic in Brain Autoimmunity and Developmental Disorders

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is Functional Neurology?
    • how nutrition impacts the function of the brain
    • other factors to address with regards to healthy brain function
    • new findings in the treatment of childhood developmental disorders
    • addressing brain autoimmunity
    • the importance of chiropractic care in the prevention and reversal of childhood chronic illness
  • Dr. Brett Brimhall

    Nutrigenomics, Supplementation, and the NrF1 and NrF2 Pathways

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is nutrigenomics, and why we should care?
    • NrF1 and NrF2 pathways and chronic disease
    • how technology has changed what we know and what we do with regards to our health
    • Protandim, a breakthrough supplement
    • why medicine is sometimes so slow to change
  • Dr. Christine Schaffner
    Sophia Health Institute

    Could Retroviruses Be Fuelling Your Child’s Chronic Illness?

    What You Will Learn +
    • what are retroviruses?
    • what are some common retroviruses
    • how retroviruses can wreak havoc (the science) and what conditions they can cause
    • how do we know if retroviruses are causing chronic health problems?
    • how we effectively handle a retroviral infection
    • using the ART model to unravel chronic childhood illness
  • Dr. Christopher Shade
    Quicksilver Scientific

    Identifying and Detoxing Heavy Metals

    What You Will Learn +
    • what are heavy metals?
    • health problems that heavy metal toxicity can cause in children
    • the sources of heavy metals
    • assessing heavy metal toxicity in children
    • safely detoxing children and teens
  • Dr. Elisa Song
    Healthy Kids Happy Kids

    Allergy, Asthma, MAST Cell Activation, Histamine, and Reactivity

    What You Will Learn +
    • what are allergies, and what causes them?
    • the various symptoms of allergy to watch for
    • understanding MAST cells and MAST cell activation
    • the role of Histamine
    • calming reactivity and losing the diagnoses of allergy, eczema, asthma, and MAST cell activation
  • Dr. Jill Carnahan
    Flatiron Functional Medicine

    Is Mold Making Your Family Sick?

    What You Will Learn +
    • how mold can be a major player in chronic illness
    • what is mold illness, and what are the symptoms?
    • sources of mold
    • best ways to mitigate your home and recover from mold illness
  • Dr. Kiran Krishnan
    Research Microbiologist and Chief Science Officer at Microbiome Labs

    Deep Dive: The Microbiome at the Root of Your Child’s Health

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is the microbiome and its role in human health and disease
    • why most probiotics on the market don’t work
    • how to maintain a healthy microbiome and repair a damaged one
    • how the microbiome is actually the precluding cause of disease, not genetics
    • what is the mucosal barrier and the best product to keep its integrity
  • Dr. Kurt Woeller
    Autism Recovery System

    Biomedical Treatments for Childhood Chronic Illness

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is biomedical intervention for autism
    • Dr. Woeller’s 4-pillar approach to autism
    • what laboratory testing is best for children and teenagers struggling with chronic health problems
    • can supplements be helpful?
    • the Autism Recovery System explained
  • Dr. Madiha Saeed
    HolisticMom, MD, author of The Holistic Rx

    Heal and Reverse Chronic Disease in All Ages Even on a Budget!

    What You Will Learn +
    • expanding from a medical approach to complete holism to achieve true recovery
    • the best of the book, The Holistic Rx
    • chronic Inflammation as the cause of all chronic conditions and practical lifestyle tips to lower inflammation
    • healthy leaders can change health on a global level
    • how Dr. Saeed maintains her own family’s health even with a busy career and 4 little boys
  • Dr. Martha Herbert
    Higher Synthesis, Author of Autism Revolution

    The Brains of Our Children on a Planet in Crisis: Powerful Lessons for a Viable Future

    What You Will Learn +
    • how troubled environment influences our children's brains
    • we can help our children's brains to be able to allow each child to become their extraordinary potential selves
    • critical misconceptions held by well-meaning parents, teachers, policy makers and others about what they should do for their children
    • how thinking smartly about brain health and children's potential can help us save our planet
  • Dr. Michelle Perro

    What’s Making Our Children Sick?

    What You Will Learn +
    • the epidemic of chronic disease facing our children
    • the factors responsible for this epidemic
    • GMOs and their associated pesticides
    • bad things out, and good things in: how we get our children well
  • Dr. Monica Scales
    Dr. Monica Scales and Dr. Maia Walton: Beyond the Basics: Advanced Interventions for Autism, PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, and Other Childhood Conditions

    Revolutionary Therapies

    What You Will Learn +
    • unique and advanced services and interventions for chronic conditions
    • hyperbaric oxygen therapy, stem cells, IonCleanse Footbath, and the Biocharger
    • discerning what type of interventions are appropriate for your child
    • the cost involved with out-of-the medical box interventions
    • accessing advanced therapies
  • Dr. Nasha Winters
    Author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

    Prevention Is the Only Cure: Taking on Childhood Cancer

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is causing the rise in childhood cancer
    • what is wrong/missing from our common understanding of cancer
    • what is the metabolic approach to cancer?
    • how to apply this new understanding to prevent and recover childhood cancer
    • tips that parents can do today to prevent and reverse childhood cancer
  • Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
    Creator of the GAPS Diet

    The Role of Gut Healing and the GAPS Diet in Childhood Chronic Illness

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is Gut and Psychology Syndrome?
    • what is the GAPS Diet, and who is it for?
    • the conditions the GAPS Diet can either improve or reduce
    • Dr. Natasha's take on veganism and vegetarianism
    • how do parents get started?
  • Dr. Phyllis Books
    Author of Reversing Dyslexia

    Dyslexia, ADHD, Allergies, and the Brain

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is Dyslexia Spectrum Syndrome and how this understanding differs from conventional understanding of dyslexia
    • how allergies affect the ability to learn
    • how allergies mimic ADHD
    • addressing dyslexia and ADHD and other neurosensory processing issues
  • Dr. Rachel Fresco
    Bio-botanical Research

    Botanical Support for Pathogenic Infection

    What You Will Learn +
    • how infection can cause chronic conditions and why
    • the usefulness of using a broad-spectrum approach to pathogenic infections in children
    • is lyme disease at the heart of so many chronic conditions?
    • what is biofilm and is it good or bad?
    • botanical support for controlling pathogens
  • Dr. Robert Melillo
    Brain Balance Achievement Centers, Author of Disconnected Kids

    Reconnecting Disconnected Kids

    What You Will Learn +
    • the new trajectory of neurodevelopmental disorders in children and its causes
    • the most common neurodevelopmental disorders
    • signs and symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders
    • why drugs are not the way to go when addressing neurodevelopmental disorders
    • the most effective lifestyle and therapeutic interventions
  • Dr. Sandy Gluckman
    Parenting That Heals

    Non-Inflammatory Parenting: The Missing Link in Healing Learning, Behavior, and Mood Challenges in Children

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is “Parenting That Heals?” what we are trying to heal, and why
    • ”managing” problems versus '”healing” the problems
    • the essential task of reducing the hyper stress response
    • how having a sensitive nature triggers and aggravates learning, behavior, mood, and health problems
    • what is Non-Inflammatory Parenting and how parents can do this
  • Dr. Stuart Nunnally and Dr. Candice Owens
    Nunnally, Freeman, Owens

    Holistic Dentistry: True Root Cause Resolution

    What You Will Learn +
    • the importance of nutrition in dentistry
    • helpful tips in maintaining children’s teeth
    • toxic dental materials and treatments
    • detoxifying from dental toxicities
    • root canal treated teeth and cavitations as causal factors in chronic illness
  • Dr. Terri Hirning
    Real Food Mum

    Detoxification with the IonCleanse by AMD Footbath

    What You Will Learn +
    • the importance of detoxification in preventing and reversing childhood chronic illness
    • how to detox children safely
    • everything you ever wanted to know about IonCleanse footbaths!
    • what they do and how they work
    • who they can help
  • Dr. Ty Vincent
    Global Immunotherapy

    LDI for Immune Inflammatory Problems in Children

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is LDI and how does it work?
    • when parents should look into LDI for their children
    • what types of conditions/diagnosis LDI helps with
    • are there risks with LDI?
    • how do I find a practitioner?
  • Dr. Todd Watts
    Microbe Formulas

    How Parasites Are Affecting Your Children

    What You Will Learn +
    • if you’ve got a pulse, you have parasites
    • the symptoms of a parasitical infection
    • how parasites affect brain function and behavior
    • common parasites we see in children and the kind of problems they can create
    • why we need to address gut health and parasites when resolving chronic illness
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan
    Author of The Autoimmune Fix and You Can Fix Your Brain

    Take No Prisoners! Neurodegeneration, Reactivity, and Autoimmunity

    What You Will Learn +
    • the process of autoimmunity and the 5 components that lead to self-attack
    • common causal factors and halting autoimmunity
    • the autoimmune conditions we are seeing in our young population
    • the brain’s role in chronic conditions
    • gluten, brain autoimmunity, testing, neurodegeneration, the list goes on!
  • Dr. Victoria Dunckley
    Author of Reset Your Child’s Brain

    Is Screentime Damaging Your Child’s Brain?

    What You Will Learn +
    • how the brain and body are affected by electronics
    • what is Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS), and might screentime be the cause of your child’s symptoms?
    • how electronics use is contributing to misdiagnosis of psychiatric disorders and overuse of medication in children
    • how screen-time specifically affects mood, focus, behavior, and social skills
    • resetting your child’s brain
  • Dr. Zach Bush
    Health Revolutionary, Maker of The Farmer’s Footprint

    Restoring the Health of Our Children, Our Children’s Children, and Our Planet

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is causing the sickness we are seeing on our planet and in our children?
    • the most important mistakes we are making in our management of our health
    • how serious is this?
    • the effects on the future of the human race and life on our planet
    • turning this trajectory around
  • Heather Korbmacher-1
    Courageous Educational Services LLC

    Heather Korbmacher Interviews Carla Atherton on Coaching Your Family Into Health

    What You Will Learn +
    • do you need a family health coach?
    • how to find a health coach
    • what you need to know and do to coach your own family into health
    • how revolutionary parents are the real heroes
  • Heather Korbmacher-2
    Courageous Educational Services LLC

    Heather Korbmacher: Managing Behavioral Symptoms in the Home and School Settings

    What You Will Learn +
    • Heather’s story about how she saved her son from the fallout of PANDAS
    • right response training in keeping ill children safe
    • holistic treatments for PANDAS
    • supporting the siblings
    • finding support in crisis and for the long haul of healing
  • Heather Korbmacher-3
    Courageous Educational Services LLC

    Heather Korbmacher: The Therapeutic Effects of Essential Oils

    What You Will Learn +
    • how Heather used essential oils to aid in the healing of her son and his continued state of good health
    • how essential oils can boost the immune system and reduce inflammation
    • what oils are best and safest for children
    • not all oils are created equal: good sources for quality oils
    • the many ways to use oils in your home
  • Ian Clark
    Activation Products

    Whole Body Remediation for Prevention, Healing, and Longevity

    What You Will Learn +
    • the most effective way to support the body’s ability to heal
    • the most important nano and micro nutrients your body requires for prevention and longevity
    • specific herbs, oils, and nutrients that pack the biggest punch
    • how much time energy and money does your family need to invest to maintain top level wellness
    • the three primary rules for a proper mindset
  • Ita Teigman
    Doula and HFF Trainee

    Ita Teigman Interviews Carla Atherton on Mindful Change

    What You Will Learn +
    • waking up from the established sick-care model
    • creating a new paradigm of health to better serve families
    • a model of healthcare that will create complete healing
    • the mama bear movement
    • how to take absolute control of your family’s health
  • Jason Prall
    The Human Longevity Project

    Ensuring Youngevity from Birth to Old Age

    What You Will Learn +
    • Jason’s observations/experiences around children's health in filming The Human Longevity Project
    • the role of the mighty mitochondria in health, disease, and longevity
    • the importance of communication between the mitochondria and the microbiota
    • simple lifestyle practices to improve the health of the mitochondria and the microbiome
    • how sleep, playing outside/getting dirty, "germs" & immune system training, diet, breastfeeding, vaginal births, avoiding EMF, all prevent and reverse chronic conditions
  • Jeffrey Smith
    Author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette

    GMO as THE Main Causal Factor for Human Chronic Conditions: An Indisputable Argument

    What You Will Learn +
    • what opened Jeffrey's eyes to the problems with GMOs?
    • what are genetically modified foods, and what is their purpose?
    • Jeffrey tells us like it is about the impact GMOs are and will have on human health and, in particular, the health of our children
    • what needs to be done and what our families can do
    • how can we make our food supply safer, and will our food supply ever recover?
  • Jess Sherman
    Author of Raising Resilience

    Feeding Your Kids Without Losing Your Sanity

    What You Will Learn +
    • the role of food in the increase of chronic disease in kids
    • what parents can actually do if they feel their hands are tied because of budget or picky eating or social pressure
    • where a parent starts if they want to improve their child's health using food
    • what about slip ups, halloween or birthday parties, or school treats?
    • the role of restricted diets like GAPS or gluten free and their usefulness
  • Joel Salatin
    Polyface Farm

    Family Farms, Gardens, Cooking, and Connection: Returning to the Nature of Things

    What You Will Learn +
    • Joel’s thoughts on the decline in children’s health
    • what is so important about farming, gardening, cooking, and sitting down for meals together
    • creating an existence in our modern world with the same benefits of the family farm
    • Joel’s top recommendations to parents for returning their children to good health and keeping them that way
  • Josie Nelson
    Integrative Health Strategies and Documenting Hope

    Reducing Total Load in Children with Chronic Illness: Every Detail Matters

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is “total load,” and how does it impact kids with chronic illness?
    • CHIRP and FLIGHT and how they can help kids
    • making good decisions about where to put limited resources
    • how qi gong informs Josie’s work with families
    • what we mean by “foundations”
  • Kirk Gair
    Gair Laser Chiropractic

    Can Lasers Help Improve Kids’ Brain Function, Sports Performance, and Overall Health?

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is cold laser therapy and what are the benefits?
    • how cold laser can help kids with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, etc.
    • case studies and research on the application of cold laser for children
    • how cold laser helps kids who play in year round sports
    • the role of cold laser in treating autoimmune disease
  • Kirstie Gran
    Inner Shine and Naturally Awakened Mama

    Kirstie Gran Interviews Carla Atherton on Vitamin N, Creativity, Meditation, and Play

    What You Will Learn +
    • raising spirited, engaged, and fulfilled children
    • the importance of nature, creativity, meditation, and play
    • modern life’s effects on human growth and fulfillment
    • how does underdevelopment in these areas contribute to childhood chronic illness?
    • how we can teach our children stillness and a sense of self and connection
  • Larry Doochin

    The Healing Power of Human Sound

    What You Will Learn +
    • the stress response explained
    • frequency medicine and how sound therapy mitigates the stress response
    • why human sound?
    • what can you treat with sound therapy?
    • working on the physiological AND the energetic level for healing
  • Lloyd Burrell

    How to Protect Your Kids from the Shocking Effects of Cell Phones and Similar Technologies

    What You Will Learn +
    • what are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)?
    • how EMFs affect our children and how to protect them
    • how you can tell if your family is being affected by EMFs
    • why it is more important than ever to talk about this
    • the science and evidence against EMF exposure
  • Lora Brady

    Advanced TRS - A Safe and Effective Detox Method

    What You Will Learn +
    • Lora’s amazing story of her child’s recovery
    • what is Advanced TRS?
    • the difference between Advanced TRS and other zeolite products
    • what Advanced TRS removes from the body
    • the safety of Advanced TRS for children
  • Maria Rickert-Hong
    Epidemic Answers, The Documenting Hope Project

    Brain Under Attack: PANS, PANDAS, Lyme, OCD & Anxiety

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is PANS/PANDAS and what causes it?
    • the symptoms of PANS/PANDAS and how PANS/PANDAS is diagnosed
    • holistic treatment options for kids with PANS/PANDAS
    • preventing flares and future onset of brain autoimmunity and inflammation
    • what worked for your Maria’s own kids
  • Michael McEvoy
    Metabolic Healing

    Epigenetics: Our Power Over Chronic Disease

    What You Will Learn +
    • the role genetics and epigenetics play in chronic illness
    • what are SNPs?
    • an introduction to the SNPs most commonly associated with chronic conditions
    • when to test and what do do with the results
    • things everyone can do to optimize their genetic expression
  • Naomi Aldort
    Author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

    Transforming Parent-Child Relationships From Reaction and Struggle to Freedom, Power and Joy

    What You Will Learn +
    • why in order to be able to focus on a child we must first raise ourselves
    • what it means to raise ourselves and how it gives us the emotional freedom to connect and respond
    • strategies parents can use when handling challenges like ADHD, oppositional behaviour, tantrums, etc.
    • what is the SALVE method?
    • how our children respond when we become able to see them without our emotional reactions
  • Niki Gratrix
    Abundant Energy Expert

    The Vital Importance of Emotional Health

    What You Will Learn +
    • the impact of developmental trauma on health across a lifetime
    • the ACE study explained
    • how childhood attachment relations impact biology and psychology
    • the importance of emotional attunement
    • the need for parental healing
  • Pam Machemehl-Helmly

    Brain Health: Surprising Factors that Play a Role in Imbalance

    What You Will Learn +
    • the effects of stress or trauma during pregnancy
    • can this scenario be improved with supplementation?
    • lifestyle modifications to remediate a child’s imbalanced brain
    • when and what to test
    • PTSD, eating disorders, and other conditions relating to brain imbalance
  • Patricia Lemer
    Author of Outsmarting Autism

    Vision Issues in Autism and ADHD: More Than Meets the Eye

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is Vision, and how it differs from Eyesight
    • how do parents choose an eye doctor, and what should a VISION exam include?
    • symptoms that suggest vision dysfunction
    • vision issues that can interfere with development, learning, and behavior
    • what can be done to help kids with visual dysfunction
  • Peter Sullivan
    Clear Light Ventures

    A Father’s Deep Dive Into EMFs and Toxins to Recover His Sons

    What You Will Learn +
    • Peter’s successful recovery of his two sons with autism
    • what he did to recover them
    • why EMFs cause and exacerbate conditions like autism
    • EMF mitigation - tips and strategies
  • Reed Davis
    Reed Davis Founder and Director of the AFDNP Program

    A Simple Strategy for Chronic Illness

    What You Will Learn +
    • the most striking issues relating to the health of our young people AND their parents
    • Reed’s approach to correcting hormone, immune system, and digestive problems
    • addressing detoxification problems, energy problems, and autonomic balance
    • do we really need health coaches?
    • Reed’s number one tip for preventing chronic illness in children
  • Serenity Carr
    Serenity Kids Baby Food

    Infant Nutrition: Every Bite Counts

    What You Will Learn +
    • Best first baby foods
    • The importance of nutrition from the start
    • Why grass-fed?
    • Why organic?
    • The major problems with commercial baby food and how it can make our babies sick
  • Stephanie Newton
    Simply Holistic Living, Inc (Stephanie Newton Homeopathy)

    Homeopathy and Childhood Chronic Illness

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is homeopathy, and how it is different from other natural healing modalities
    • safety and uses for homeopathy
    • using homeopathy for general health complaints
    • using homeopathy for chronic illness, infection, and illness such as PANDAS/PANS
  • Stephanie Seneff
    Researcher, Scientist, Glyphosate Expert

    Glyphosate and the Environmental Chemical Assault with Devastating Consequences

    What You Will Learn +
    • glyphosate as the most significant causal factor in the autism epidemic
    • a basic overview of the ways in which glyphosate leads to autism
    • other diseases besides autism whose incidence is going up exponentially in step with the exponential rise in the use of glyphosate on core crops
    • glyphosate as an amino acid analogue causing devastating toxicity
    • clearing your children’s bodies from glyphosate poisoning
  • Sonia Story
    Move Play Thrive

    Keys to Overcoming Anxiety and Sensory Processing Issues

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is neurodevelopmental movement, and how does it address childhood chronic conditions?
    • which conditions, in particular, NDM can improve and even reverse
    • the 3 keys to overcoming anxiety and sensory issues
    • neurodevelopmental movements to help with healing from trauma
    • using reflex integration and NDM to prevent issues associated with a lack of integration
  • Sutton Healy
    HFF Practitioner

    Sutton Healy Interviews Carla Atherton on A Novel Approach to Type 1 Diabetes

    What You Will Learn +
    • how to approach Type 1 Diabetes with a NEW standard of care
    • uncovering and addressing root causes of Type 1 Diabetes
    • special considerations or attributes that make Type 1 Diabetes unique
    • recognizing and addressing commodities
    • supporting children and teens who have Type 1 Diabetes and their families
  • Tara Hunkin
    Rise Wellness Ltd (My Child Will Thrive)

    Drinking From the Firehose: How to Overcome Overwhelm and Find the Right Treatments for Your Child

    What You Will Learn +
    • why it is so difficult for parents to know where they should start with their children
    • Tara’s biggest mistakes she made with her own child
    • sorting through all of the available options for your child
    • what Tara did to turn things around for her child with sensory issues when she felt they weren’t making any progress
  • Tiffany Thompson
    Revolutionary Mom and HFF Practitioner

    Tiffany Thompson Interviews Carla Atherton on Treating the Whole Child for Idiopathic Juvenile Arthritis and Other Chronic Childhood Illness

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is the whole child approach?
    • how we used this approach to reverse Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
    • illnesses that can be addressed with the whole child approach
    • what testing is relevant for your child, and how to find proper support to guide you through
    • tips to make the whole process easier
  • Tommy Rosen
    Recovery 2.0

    Beyond Addiction: Your Kids and The Great Inner War

    What You Will Learn +
    • what is addiction, and what kinds of addictions are our youth facing today?
    • the signs of addiction and how parents can recognize it
    • insights into the minds of our addicted children
    • preventing addiction as well as helping our kids through recovery
    • how screens are one of the worst offenders for addictive behaviour
  • Tyler Lewis
    Rogue Recovery

    Mapping a Healthier Future for Our Children

    What You Will Learn +
    • what Tyler did to recover her own son from severe autism
    • why children often struggle in treatment
    • channelopathy as the cause when your child is not responding to biochemical therapies
    • The Rogue Map™️ explained
    • tools families can use at home to help their children recover and when it’s time to call in a professional

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Meet Your Host

In addition to being the host and producer of the Children’s Health Summit 4 and Director of the Healthy Family Formula, Carla is an acreage-living mother of three specializing in family health with a focus on functional, holistic, natural health and wellness, with specific interest in chronic childhood illness, functional neurology, digestive health, addictions and mental and mood disorders, the science of mind/body practices, stress reduction, autoimmunity, and immunology. Carla coaches families to overcome health challenges using the principles of functional health and lifestyle medicine. Carla also teaches a professional family health coach training program she designed to address the growing need to build an army of health coaches equipped to lead the whole family through the minefield of chronic illness we are facing today and into good health, vitality, and joy. Carla is also a prolific writer and editor working on several books at present including Family Health Revolution, which will be released this coming summer.